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You're willing to launch innovative new banking services but you need to minimize risk . . . and you still need to deliver great customer service, too.

You need banking and billing solutions that:

  • Easily connect to the widest possible range of financial systems.
  • Leverage and extend the value of your existing systems.
  • Allow  features to be added as you need them.
  • Help you manage your books timely and accurate.

Successful bankers like you have relied on Core Banking and Billing Solutions for more than 30 years. You know that Infor solutions help you build a banking business on a rock-solid foundation that gives you room to grow.

With Core Banking and Billing Solutions, you get:

  • Complete Billing System—You gain unparalleled flexibility to grow your revenue to meet today's global financial institution billing opportunities.
  • Deposits and Time Investments—Helps you grow deposits,  increase  revenue, and optimize profitability with a unique combination of  information availability, product flexibility, and operational efficiency tailored for today's complex deposit management environments.
  • Customer Management—Provide a consolidated customer view and a 360 degree view of customer relationships.
  • Financial Management and Accounting—Combine general ledger, budgeting, and customized reporting for top performance.
  • Transaction Processing—Streamline your operations and cut costs by consolidating capture, reconciliation, distribution, reporting, and sorting of all transactions.
  • Collections and Recovery—Keep your customers' collection activity on track with our small institution solution, Intellect, or our larger institution solution, Collection Management. Convert your charged-off dollars into profit with our small institution solution, CORS. Or our larger institution solution, Recovery Management.
  • Infor ION and web interfaces—Improve accuracy and efficiency through robust integration and role-based web user interfaces.

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